Creamy Obsession

Hi there... my name is Marina. Welcome to Creamy Obsession!


How it all started

I made my first cold process soap a little under two years ago. A friend of mine had gifted me with a couple of plain bars of handmade goat milk soap. To be honest, I thought it was a strange gift and just put them away without even trying them out. Sometime later, I remembered about them and being curious about the process, decided to look it up on YouTube. As you can imagine, I was captivated and from there I fell down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t too long before I started making my very own batches!

My first batches of soap were unscented and uncolored. I was still waiting for my orders of colorants and fragrances to arrive and was impatient to start. I dove into the deep end and began experimenting right away... My very first batch was made with ground oatmeal, raw honey, and coconut milk. For the next two, I replaced all of the water in the recipe with fresh watermelon juice (this is still my favorite up until this day) and cucumber juice out of the garden. I also tried a batch with an espresso lye solution, one with chamomile and lavender tea, and one with full goat milk- and this was all just the beginning!

In December of 2019, I mustered up the courage to join in the Soap Challenge Club. Into my second month as a member, my landscape soap took first place in this international group. I was ecstatic! I went on to win first place several more times and after much support from my fellow soap making friends, I launched my YouTube channel to share my process with the world. I think it is amazing that I can show my customers how their products are made!


More about Me

For those that know me in real life, I guess most would say that I am a very quiet and reserved person, perhaps even an introvert. I have a close circle of a few friends but usually spend most of my time with my family. I am a young mom to five children. I’ve enjoyed various crafts since childhood (whether that was wasting scrap pieces of fabric trying to sew mittens or painting watercolor landscapes) and am happiest when creating with my hands.


Making soap in small batches from scratch allows me to unleash my inner creativity. When I plan my designs or cut into a new loaf, I get very excited and feel like a small child at Christmas!

I hope that you can come to love my creations just as much as I do. I thank you very much for supporting my small business and allowing me to provide for my family while doing the very thing that I delight in most!


About the Soap

Each batch of soap is handmade in small batches with natural ingredients beginning with oils and butters and may have various additives such as clays, milks, honey, extracts, fruits, vegetables, juices, herbs, botanicals, and more. All of our ingredients, including our colorants, are responsibly sourced.


Each bar of soap is hand-cut, and due to the nature of handcrafted items, the weight may vary from bar to bar. For a longer-lasting bar, keep soap dry and in a ventilated area in between uses.

At some point, some of our ingredients may come in contact with other ingredients that we use. Please be aware of any possible allergies and/or irritations. Always spot test each product prior to use, and discontinue use immediately and contact your physician if any irritation occurs.



Please double check to make sure that your information is correct prior to place an order. We cannot be held responsible for orders that are shipped to the wrong address or unsecured locations. If our carrier shows in the tracking that your package was delivered, we can not issue any refunds or give any replacements if you say that it hasn’t arrived. We are a small business, and our product inventory is very limited.

Due to the nature of personal use products, we cannot accept any returns, even with unopened products.

If you experience any issues or need help with your order, reach out to us via the contact form or email. We will do our best to reply as soon as we are able to do so.

Thank you for your business!

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